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This camp will take place in Leuven/Belgium from the 9th to the 14th of July 2023.



We have 25 hours of technique and 15 hours of open mat during the week, spread over 6 days. All classes are no-gi.


All experience levels and affiliations are welcome.

Wrestling for BJJ

Rubens "Cobrinha" Maciel

Cobrinha is considered by many to be the best featherweight in history and among the best pound for pound jiu-jitsu competitors in the world.


His achievments are astonishing. 


In 2017, he  became the first (and only) black belt in history to complete the Super Grand Slam by winning all 5 major tournaments (ADCC, World Championship, Pan Championship, European Championship and Brazilian Nationals) in a single year. 

During his career he won over 16 gold medals at the highest level. Including IBJJF World Championship (2006/2007/2008/2009/2017), IBJJF World No-Gi Championship (2007/2008/2011/2012) and ADCC World Championship (2013/2015/2017).

It was during these ADCC runs that he displayed amazing wrestling skills. With the highlight being the 2017 -66kg finals where he out wrestled AJ Agazam, a former division 1 wrestler.


Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson was a college wrestler under the legendary Dan Gable, with an overall record of 1268-89. He has trained for 7 Olympic games and was a wrestling coach on four seasons of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

Now he is a world renowned head coach at Black House MMA where he trains both BJJ and MMA athletes.

Some names from this long and impressive list of competitors are Cobrinha, Andre Galvao, Jacare, Roger Gracie, Tony Ferguson, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Junior dos Santos, Jose Aldo, Alexander Volkov and many more.

He describes his own wrestling/coaching style as an intense, physical style of wrestling while focusing on technique, position, cardio and the will to win.

Leuven is a small city, so you can do everything on foot. Parking however is expensive, so if possible, leave your car at home.


Leuven, being both a trading centre in the Middle Ages and having a world-renowned university since 1425, has always been a wealthy city. Which you can see in its beautiful buildings.


Apart from that, it also has one of the biggest breweries in the world and beer is and always has been a part of the Leuven culture.


Combine that with a lot of university students and you have a vibrant city with parties every night.


The Sportoase is a big sports complex with a lot of sports areas: a fitness, climbing wall, skate park, swimming pool and sauna.


For all of these, you will have to pay an entrance fee, except for the skate park.


There's a pub at the entrance where you can go for drinks or food. The mat space is huge, about 300m² wide and enough changing rooms and showers for our needs.

Address: Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven (Belgium)

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