Due to corona the camp has been moved tojune 20-25 2021.

We have 25 hours of technique and 15 hours of open mat during the week, spread over 6 days.  all no-gi classes.


All experience levels and affiliations are welcome.

Defence & Controle

Priit Mihkelson


Defence isn't sexy you say. Meet Priit mihkelson. He has dedicated himself to creating a solid defensive game as well as becoming an extraordinary teacher.

This has gathered him an exponentially growing fanbase inside the BJJ world, an increasing record of dvd's on BJJ Fanatics and praise from some very respected people in the community.

Lachlan giles for instance, said that "Priit's defensive Turtle game is a gamechanger in an ADCC rulesetting".

John Kavanagh says "priit has had without a doubt the greatest influence on my positional strategy. He has an incredible ability to break down each position and help you understand what are the absolutely most fundamental movements. I cannot recommend training with him enough, it’s the logical choice!”

And BJJ Fanatics calls him the Estonian Dannaher.

So, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, join our Defence and Control camp

Aaron Milam

 In the BJJ community, it is known that the biggest names aren’t necessarily the best teachers. This becomes very clear after being taught by Aaron Milam, who may not have a huge competition record, but is one of the most interesting and game-changing teachers I have ever met. Aaron is universally appraised for his creativity and teaching style.


He began training Jiu Jitu in Los Angeles under Carlson Gracie legend Rey “The King” Diogo in 2000, in a time when Carlson Gracie Sr. was frequently in the gym with Rey. Five years later, he moved to New York and started training at Renzo Gracie's under John Danaher, by whom he was given his black belt in 2008.


During this period, Aaron was described as the most diverse and creative Danaher black belt. Aaron’s style uniquely combines two branches of the Gracie family, as well as incorporating the best elements of wrestling and Judo. In the last 8 years he is running his own gym, Renzo Gracie Portland.


Last year Aaron taught at our leglock extravaganza camp, and it was mind-blowing to say the least. The skill level and creativity of this guy is amazing.

This camp he will be showing his take on Elbow and Knie control. Join and you will become a Miliever.

Leuven is a small city, so you can do it on foot. We also offer a bike rental service on the Facebook camp page a couple of weeks before the camp. Keep an eye out for this!


Leuven, being both a trading centre in the Middle Ages and having a world-renowned university since 1425, has always been a wealthy city. Which you can see in its beautiful buildings.


Apart from that, it also has one of the biggest breweries in the world and beer is and always has been a part of the Leuven culture.


Combine that with a lot of university students and you have a vibrant city with parties every night.


The Sportoase is a big sports complex with a lot of sports areas: a fitness, climbing wall, skate park, swimming pool and sauna.


For all of these, you will have to pay an entrance fee, except for the skate park.


There's a pub at the entrance where you can go for drinks or food. The mat space is huge, about 300m² wide and enough changing rooms and showers for our needs.

Address: Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven (Belgium)