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This camp will take place in Leuven/Belgium from the 9th to the 14th of June 2024.

We have 25 hours of technique and 15 hours of open mat during the week, spread over 6 days. All no-gi classes.


All experience levels and affiliations are welcome.

K-guard camp

All the classes at camp will be filmed. And participants get access to these video's. So you can get the most out of the high level instructions and add every detail to your game.

Jason Rau

Jason Rau is often called your favorite grappler's favorite grappler. With lachlan Giles taking inspiration from Jason to develop his K-guard, Nicky Ryan calling him the most underrated grappler he knows and Craig Jones naming him one of his favorite training partners.


Jason Rau trained in New York under Matt Serra from whom he received his black belt in 2016. He would also start taining in the Blue basement  under John Danaher and quickly rose through the ranks of the Danaher Death Squad. John's elite team of grapplers. Currently he is the head coach of Vanguard accademy New York. A gym frequently visited by world class athletes like Jozef Chen and Damien Anderson.

He is often hailed as an incredible technician and an exelent teacher. Jason has a skill for explaining highly technical moves in an easy to understand and concise way.

Check out some of the video's from Jason's last year's camp on Guard passing and 50/50 to get to know his teaching style a bit better.


Eoghan O'Flanagan

Eoghan is most known globally for having competed and coming 4th in the world in the biggest grappling show of all time, ADCC 2022

He had a “breakout performance” and was touted as an “ADCC standout competitor

Eoghan’s grappling career started with traditional martial arts. He started training in Judo at the age of 4 and he was actively competing in children’s tournaments. He transitioned to submission wrestling and no-gi training in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo when he went to Cardiff University to study Economics. 

In 2017, following the completion of his degree and at the age of 22, he was awarded his black belt by the highly respected Helio Soneca. 

Eoghan has been teaching at a variety of different locations across London and Cardiff for over a decade and is one of the head coaches at Submission Grappling Club London

Leuven is a small city, so you can do everything on foot. Parking however is expensive, so if possible, leave your car at home.


If you are looking for accomodation during the camp, we can recommend Condo gardens Leuven. It's clean, quite and affordable. And close to the training venue. Prices for one week range from 285€ to 530€

To check them out go to


Leuven, being both a trading centre in the Middle Ages and having a world-renowned university since 1425, has always been a wealthy city. Which you can see in its beautiful buildings.


Apart from that, it also has one of the biggest breweries in the world and beer is and always has been a part of the Leuven culture.


Combine that with a lot of university students and you have a vibrant city with parties every night.


The Sportoase is a big sports complex with a lot of sports areas: a fitness, climbing wall, skate park, swimming pool and sauna.


For all of these, you will have to pay an entrance fee, except for the skate park.


There's a pub at the entrance where you can go for drinks or food. The mat space is huge, about 300m² wide and enough changing rooms and showers for our needs.

Address: Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven (Belgium)

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