This camp will take place in Leuven from the 1st to the 6th of May of 2022.

We have 25 hours of technique and 15 hours of open mat during the week, spread over 6 days.  all no-gi classes.


All experience levels and affiliations are welcome.


Craig Jones


Do we really need to introduce Craig Jones?

This man has been taking the Brazilian jiu jitsu world by storm.


His story started out by making a name for himself in the sub-only scene with some spectacular performances at the  EBI tournaments. But it wasn't until 2017, that his name would forever be engraved in the minds and hearts of the entire BJJ community, after he fought and won an upset victory over

leandro lo at ADCC.

Since then the Craig Jones train has become unstoppable. He soon rised to become the Polaris pro Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion. Collecting victories over Murillio Santana, Chael Sonnen, Jake Shields, Richie Martinez, Rousimar Palhares, Matheus Diniz, Keenan Cornelius and way too many more to name them all.

Craig’s epic rise to stardom in the BJJ community was a direct result of his love for and amazing skill at setting up leg attacks. Want to get to know some game-changing insights and knowledge from one of the most successful leg lockers on the planet? Then don’t hesitate and join us at the camp!

Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles is an Australian Black Belt under John Simon. He is Globaly praised as an amazing coach by anyone who had the pleasure of learning from him.

Lachlan has a very creative mind and is constantly innovating Jiu jitsu. Also in his leglock game, at wich he excels, he keeps coming up with very interesting and new ways to approach his leg entanglements. Just take a look at his recent landslide victory at kinektic 1. A team competion, where he single-handedly defeated the opposing team in round 1. He won all 5 fights by submission, 4 of them with his signature submission, his modified inside heelhook. #Saddle doesnt work anymore

Another fun fact is that Lachlan also holds a PHD in physiotherapy, with a specialization in knee injuries. So if you want to stay up to date on what's new and cutting-edge in the leg lock game, come learn from one of the smartest leg lockers on the planet.


One of his most successful students is Craig Jones. #fuckcraigjones. Craig never made it a secret that Lachlan was one of the biggest contributors to his success.

Leuven is a small city, so you can do it on foot. We also offer a bike rental service on the Facebook camp page a couple of weeks before the camp. Keep an eye out for this!


Leuven, being both a trading centre in the Middle Ages and having a world-renowned university since 1425, has always been a wealthy city. Which you can see in its beautiful buildings.


Apart from that, it also has one of the biggest breweries in the world and beer is and always has been a part of the Leuven culture.


Combine that with a lot of university students and you have a vibrant city with parties every night.


The Sportoase is a big sports complex with a lot of sports areas: a fitness, climbing wall, skate park, swimming pool and sauna.


For all of these, you will have to pay an entrance fee, except for the skate park.


There's a pub at the entrance where you can go for drinks or food. The mat space is huge, about 300m² wide and enough changing rooms and showers for our needs.

Address: Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven (Belgium)